Akai TV troubleshooting

Problem details

Help! I was just watching television and it shut off suddenly. The on/off light just blinks red but the tv won't turn back on. I've had it for less than 6 months.

Best solution

I may have found it! For all of you with an AKAI, and it is shutting off on you, or won't turn on, try this. I decided to take the "small" panel off in the back (not the whole back). There is a small trigger that can be pushed back and forth - it gets pushed back when you put the panel back on (or it should). I found when I put the panel back on, the trigger wasn't getting pushed back all the way. You will notice that if you push the trigger in the whole way, and get another person to turn the tv on in the front, it should stay on, then let go, you will see that the tv will turn off. Basically all I did was tape this trigger so that it is all the way back, put the panel back on, and watch tv without the damn thing turning off! As well I did notice that there was a piece of black plastic left over that I can't seem to find where it goes - maybe it was part of the panel that pushed this trigger the whole way back - not sure. All I know is that the tv has not shut off yet - could it be that easy? Hopefully - good luck. I definitely will not go with AKAI again, will have to spend the extra dollar next time.
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