Runaround at Protron

Problem details

I've been getting the BS runaround from Protron since last May, 2007...same story...the ac adaptor is on back order call back in 14 days....I am going to report Protron to the attorney general in Virginia....They are a worthless company!

Best solution

LCDPAYLESS is the way to go. I got them bid down to $105 plus shipping and the unit came in the mail in less than a week. It is made up of two power suplies, one is 12 volt and the other is 5 volt which are the correct rated voltages and amperage for the set. It not only works but solves the picture distortion problem when using full screen. The symptom of incorrrect voltage is that most people and things looked "fat" or "stretched out" on the sides (approx 1/4 of the picture area on each side of the picture). This must have been a sign that the original power supply was bad (incorrect or weak voltage rating) right from the very begining. The IC chips in the power supply units might have been of source material with poor tolerance to save money and slapped together quick to mass market to ShopNBC, then the problems got passed on to us the consumers. I noticed that ShopNBC does not carry this brand anymore, looks like they are trying to distance themselves. Where is Jim Peterson saying the sets would "last 25 years". I hate it that ShopNBC drones on and on with sales pitches with such fantastic claims. Class action might be the way to go. Protron might have known about the incorrect weak voltage problem but rushed it to market anyway. They may have put a quick one over on ShopNBC with the promo sets, need to look into this.